Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things Are Clearing Up...

The weather has been getting warmer, the sun is rising earlier and setting later and the skies are clearer. Thank God spring is on its way. I think we all could use the mood lifter. The sun being up earlier makes it much easier to get up early for my workouts in the morning. The sun setting later makes it seem like I'm getting much more done with my day. And I think my skin is clearing up with the weather too!

Well - I'm actually not sure if it's due to the weather or due to the GNC Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins I'm taking. I do remember that my skin looks much clearer in the summertime, but is also more oily. I've yet to find a regimen that I feel works really well for my skin. I guess that ship has sailed for a winter regimen, time to work on a summertime one. I was considering trying Bare Minerals - but it looks like that can hold off until the fall. Thank God, because all of my money is being diverted into fitness issues at the moment: groceries, new workout clothes (the old ones are gettin' big -yay), another workout program and supplements.

When I finish this round of P90X, I'll be starting Insanity. I know it's gonna be incredibly difficult but I'm ready for something crazy so long as it works. My weight loss progress is slow, but changes are happening. Little by little, I'm gettin' there. My skin seems to be getting better - I'm gonna give the GNC pills one more bottle to see how they're working. My hair - eh - it's still thinner than I'd like and I'm not seeing crazy amounts of growth. But I think it's grown back out to where it was before I chopped it (2 years ago! Never Again!)Now, I just need it to grow longer and grow in thicker. Money? Mmm, still don't have enough of that - but I am managing to pay off my debt on a schedule and still have enough for the things I need/want. Or at least I have the ability to save up for those things. Still working on finding the new job - that's probably the toughest thing of all right now.

All in all, I'm ready for spring and whatever new challenges it may bring.

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