Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Can Be Alone

But there are some things I miss.

I've never been one of those people who NEEDED to have a boyfriend. I'm a fairly independent person as it is. I don't call someone up to go with me to the mall or to they gym. I know I can get more done on my own. And yeah, sometimes it's nice to be half of a couple - but if it's not happening, I'm not super depressed or lonely. And I'd definitely rather be alone than settle.

But for some reason, the past couple of days - I've been really missing some things. I miss texting someone for the entire day while you're at work. And the work day flying by when it's usually like hell-on-earth, because it feels like you're spending the day with the person you're texting.

I miss having someone to talk to on the ride home from my second job. I'm not really a phone person, but for some reason - that ride home at night always seems to be one of the longest and sometimes it's nice having someone to talk to. Someone who makes me laugh. I remember what it felt like to be really excited to call that person. I also remember that the first few times after I didn't have that person to talk to - it felt like there was a void - a hole where something used to be. It doesn't feel like that anymore, it just feels like nothing now. Which is actually much better than a void. Pretty sure Bella Swan would co-sign on that.

Most of all - I miss making out! It's definitely one of my all time favorite pass times. When you find someone who can kiss you the way you liked to be kissed - it can definitely become an addiction. Kissing a lousy kisser is just a huge waste of time.

That's about it. That's all I'm really missin' right now. Still like sleeping in the middle of the bed. (Does that ever really get old?) Definitely like having my free time actually be free - and not having to check in with someone to make plans based on what they're doing. Absolutely don't miss dealing with someone else's bullshit. Definitely like getting to choose whatever I want on TV. And love not having to learn somebody's habits and quirks or explain why I feel the way I feel because why is this not common sense to you?

As one of my fav. songs goes - "I can be alone, yeah. I can watch a sunset on my own."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Never Think (Cover) - Rob Pattinson

I actually learned the chords for this song the day of - and my piano playing is sub par. I'm not really a piano player, I just wish I was :P But it's fun to play and sing!