Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Reward System

A really good incentive for doing something you don't want to do or something that's just difficult is setting up a reward for yourself. I currently have a reward system in place for when I achieve these milestones: Reaching the next rank advancement of my job, reaching my goal weight and paying off my credit card debt.

The closest on the horizon of these goals is reaching my goal weight, although it's also pretty close to my rank advancement. So the first reward I thought of was - food. Being able to eat something that I've deprived myself of to reach my goal weight. But how silly would that be? "Youv'e reached your goal weight, so go ruin it now with fatty foods! Yay!" That's just crazy. But I think a lot of us are motivated by food rewards. I know when I'm teaching my High Schoolers, I motivate them with pizza and baked goods and candy all the time. That's horrible - but really, if there's anytime you can get away with it - it's when you're a teenager cuz it's all downhill from there.

So I refuse to sabotage my success that way, so I chose another reward. When I reach my goal weight - I am getting a mani/pedi. Simple. I know for some women, this is a weekly visit and not a special occassion. For me - spending money on something so frivoulous and unecessary is just not an option at this point in time. But I think that reaching my goal weight deserves a little splurging. I'll start putting away for it now, since I don't want the credit goal to take a hit due to this reward.

My reward for my rank advancement? My next piercing. That's right. I love piercings and tattoos and crazy colored hair and hate the idea of having to hold back on any of that for stupid corporate America. Seriously - you're saying that inspirational sayings tattooed on my body don't make me as talented or effective a worker? Eff off. A rank advancement in my job will symbolize that I am becoming more successful, and since that job isn't corporate and I don't have to answer to anyone - I will pierce, tattoo and color whatever I damn well please.

And the credit debt. Oh credit debt - started just about the same time my fitness journey did, in college! My biggest hurdle with the biggest payback. Once I'm at goal weight and advance in my job - I'll be able to afford paying off my debt so that I can then afford...getting my boob job! And I can't freeking wait. And if you know me, you know I'm not the kind of person who cares what other people think - so if you've got a problem with it, I'll tell you what - don't get 'em . I'm an adult, it's my body and I will do what I please with it. And just like the people who tell me I don't need to lose more weight - there are those who say I don't need them. But if you've read my blog before - you know that you actually DON'T know what I really look like. I suck in and push out all of my imperfections, so you've never actually seen a picture of how incredibly small and sad my chest really is. And once I get them done, you probably won't be able to tell the difference because they'll look like what you've been seeing in pictures. Except you just might start to see a lot more cleavage pics :)

So what are your rewards? What have you given yourself as an incentive to achieve a goal?

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