Monday, October 4, 2010

A Case Of The Mondays...

Sorry - but I just NEED to vent!

It happens - every Monday, without fail. I head into work with a positive attitude. I tell myself that I will not allow my surroundings to bring me down. I pep talk myself that it's my attitude that has to be positive, not my environment. Because if I have a positive attitude, that is what will keep me in a good mood - not the outside things that affect me. I spend the entire 40 minute ride listening to positive things and get determined to walk in with a smile. I park the car, take a deep breath and prepare to put all this positivity into action when I walk through the door.

And every Monday I walk in and within 60 seconds, I am pissed off, depressed, angry, upset or annoyed. Without fail. I try, I really do. But I'm just not strong enough to have my attitude battle all of the stupid B.S. I put up with on a daily basis. I can feel my soul slowly dying each second I have to spend at my job. And Mondays are the worst, because I spend the weekend doing what I want. I spend the weekend being smart and productive and working on my passion and doing things that really matter, that can change lives and that make me happy. Then Monday, I come into a pointless, soul-sucking, mind numbing idiot factory that I can't believe is still in business.

My job takes zero brain power. Which for some people may sound great, but I'm too intelligent to be stuck somewhere doing stupid sh*t that doesn't matter that doesn't require intelligence for people who have no intelligence and to be getting paid crap for it. Half the time, I complete a task - and have to stop and look it over just to make sure I did it correctly because I don't even remember going through the steps. I'm so on auto pilot to do work that takes no thought whatsoever - that I literally do things without committing any thought! So then I don't even realize that I did it. It's like breathing - you just do it naturally.

My place of business is very old school. They've literally been around since the 60s and apparently no one informed them that things are done a little differently now. Well why do we have to use e-mail instead? Why are we making this hand - written list in chicken scratch that no one can read online instead?

I'm not joking people. Imagine working in an office full of your grandparents. Not the cool, hip ones that know how to text - the ones that are stuck in a former life and just can not accept the way things are done today. Perfectly nice people - but you always have to show them how to use the internet, their phone, or anything technological at all. Don't get me wrong, I love grandparents. But if you're not willing to learn the modern technologies of business - then you need to retire and stop wasting my time.

And of course, they barely know how to do THEIR jobs but have no problem trying to tell me how to do mine. Please. Trust me I'm about ten steps ahead of you. No, you don't need to tell me when to order supplies. I'm quite capable of seeing when something is running low and ordering more before we run out. I actually know how to do my job - you should concentrate more on yours so I don't have people calling me daily saying they've left you several messages and you haven't returned their call. You've been doing this job for a hundred years. The same exact way. How is it possible that at this point - you still don't know which files are supposed to go in which bins according to what you need me to do for it? It hasn't changed. Ever. How are you still asking me - Where do I put this to get invoiced? SERIOUSLY?! The same effing place you've been putting it for the 20+ years you've worked here you moron!

I know that I'm lucky to have a job at all and I do appreciate that. But I'm not complacent. I'm not someone who thinks that you stay where you are just because you get a paycheck. Not only am I capable of more, but I deserve more and I will get it. I will not be unappy like this every day because life is just too short. And I am way too smart to be somewhere where I'm not learning anything new, am not challenged by my tasks and don't enjoy what I'm doing. I'm working full time here now, but I'm working part time on my fortune. And very soon - that part time work will turn into my full time work and I will never have to waste my time and efforts again. I'm SO looking forward to that day.

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